16 Valentine’s Day Wreaths You Can Make For the 14th

These Valentine’s day wreaths are all themed with love in mind. February the 14th comes around every year, but don’t worry if you haven’t thought of anything to create. These DIY Valentine’s Day wreaths are all easy to make and are perfect for decorating your front door, classroom door or business place. Each Valentine’s day tutorial is linked below.

Shabby Chich Valentine Wreath

15-minute Vintage Card Wreath


Pom Pom Wreath For Valentine’s Day Decorations

Rustic Love DIY Valentine.s Wreath

Quick DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

Paper Straw Valentine’s Day Wreath Tutorial

Cupids Feather Valentine’s Day Craft  Wreath 

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

DIY Succulent Love Wreath

Easy Paper Hearts Valentines Wreath Kids Craft

Felt Scrap DIY Valentine’s Day Craft

Make an edible candy wreath

Kids Craft Valentine’s Day Origami Heart Wreath

Chenille Stick Cupids Arrow Wreath

Burlap Natural Heart Wreath


Candy Wreath tutorial




Source: http://homeandgarden.craftgossip.com/16-valentines-day-wreaths-you-can-make-for-the-14th/

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